Kune Kune pigs- The ultimate Homestead pig!

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Breed:   KuneKune (Pronounced cooneycooney)  

Height: 24” – 30”  

Weight: 120 lbs. – 220 lbs.  

Hair Color:  Black, brown, ginger, gold, cream and spotted combinations.   Ears: Semi-lopped or pricked  

Personality: Docile temperament.  Make great pets  

Diet:  Can survive on grass.  Enjoys fruits and vegetables.

Have you always wanted to raise your own pork? Have the assurity of knowing your meat did not contain hormones, chemicals, toxins, additives, antibiotics, etc? BUT, you have not because meat hogs grow SO big, are SO destructive, escape, and eat 750-1,000 lbs of feed in a short 6 months? Don't have the space? Don't want the expense of putting up hog proof fencing? Don't want the smell? Not sure about how aggressive meat hogs could be around you or your kids?

The perfect solution is a Kune Kune pig - a traditional breed of pig from New Zealand, these pigs are the friendliest and most laid back pigs you can find. They literally will eat grass and forage during the summer, cutting your feed bill in half. During the winter, offer hay and hay cubes along with feed to keep up their high fiber diet. And, compared to a big meat hog that eats all grain, these guys poop more like a horse, lol - their manure is fibrous from their high grass diet and don't smell as bad as all grain fed hog manure!

Given a half acre yard (or a little more!), they will only root minimally. They can be made very friendly by spending a short time with them each day. They are not prone to wander or break out as long as fed sufficiently and can even be kept in regular field fencing or even sturdy chain link fence. 

You can have a fun back yard pet or 75-100 lbs of high quality pork in 8-12 months and spend aprox $40/ month in feed.