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Goat FAQ

Can I buy just one?


Nope, you can't have one. They are herd animals, and they need another goat to have a "herd" and to be happy. Goats will cry incessantly, be depressed, they won't be interested in food and in general will be miserable without another goat. 


What kind of fencing will they need?


Nigerians are short and fat. They are only agile when they are young. We do not recommend welded wire; it's much too flimsy; goats will stand on it and break the welds. Red Brand fencing is very durable; 4 foot woven wire sheep and goat is what we use.


What kind of hay is best?


Timothy/orchard grass; the bale should be green. Do not ever feed moldy hay to goats or even use it for bedding. Goats are very susceptible to molds.


What kind of minerals should I buy?


Loose minerals specifically for goats. The billy blocks and pressed blocks don't have appropriate vitamin and mineral levels and blocks are very hard on their teeth. Manna Pro makes a loose mineral sold at most feed stores, TSC, and RK.


I've heard about baking soda being used for goats?


Baking soda along with loose minerals could be offered free choice. It's the same kind you put in your fridge. It helps to balance the acid in the rumen, encourages better overall digestion and decreases bloat.


Do goats need grain?


We offer the babies goat feed from birth. We band our wethers at 8 weeks of age (older if they aren't sufficiently developed), but do not feed them any grain. Dry does do not need grain. Lactating does need non-medicated grain. We feed our bucks medicated grain. 


What kind of bedding do my goats need?


Horse pelleted bedding, pine shavings, and straw are the most popular bedding types used. Ag lime or stall freshener can be helpful under the bedding you choose to keep the floor drier and to keep flies at bay.


When can I breed my doeling?


We recommend waiting to breed until at least 12-18 months old. A lot of the decision is based on knowing our goats and their size.


Do I need a farrier to trim their hooves?


No, it is not difficult. Their are many helpful videos on YouTube about trimming goat hooves. Depending on their terrain and amount of physical activity, trimming usually needs done every 6-10 weeks.


Do I need to be worried about worms and parasites?


Yes. If it has been a few months, or if your goat is acting off, not wanting to eat, has a dry, rough coat, and/or dark colored scours, you need to get a fecal sample to your vet so you know what you are dealing with.


How do I know if my goat has kidney stones?


Wethers are the most prone to urinary calculi, but does and bucks are also susceptible. It is almost always the result of an improper diet. Their diet needs to have a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1. The goat will be restless, is usually "hunched-up" and will be straining to urinate.  If you examine the area where he urinates, you may see a bunch of dried crystal-like substances sticking to their hair.


Can I keep a buck and doe together?


No, a buck will constantly chase and harass your doe.  Bucklings can and often do breed their moms from the age of 8 weeks old. Bucks will breed their daughters at a very young age.  

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