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Plan Your Visit

Follow us on Facebook for daily updates on visiting the farm- we will post weather closures and current farm events on there. For a list of our activities, click here.

PRICING: $9.00 per person for activities

               $10.00 per person for activities AND one hayride

               Pumpkins are $2-$15 depending on size. Fall décor- as marked

               Cash and Credit Cards accepted

RETAIL HOURS: Open daily 10am-6pm

ACTIVITY HOURS: Open on weekends beginning 10/7/23


Please note, for the safety of our visitors and livestock, the only outside animals that will be permitted on farm grounds are certified service animals.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

We do our best to ensure our visitors have a safe and fun time while visiting. We ask our visitors to please be respectful of our staff and activities, and to please keep a close eye on their family members to ensure they are following farm policies. No disruptive behavior, fighting, disruption of other guests experience, theft, or bringing weapons on farm grounds will be tolerated. We are a real working farm, so dress appropriately for dirty/rough conditions. Each visitor enters our farm at their own risk.

Under Pennsylvania Law, an agritourist operator is not liable for injury or death of a participant in an agritourist activity conducted at this location, if such injury or death results from inherent risks of the agritourist activity. Inherent risks include, among other things, risks from the condition of the land, operations of equipment, behavior of the animals. You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourist activity.

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